bolac-bowsIt was only a matter of time before the potential of some of the western lakes begun to fire and the action over the past 2 weeks have been hard to beat!

I have been fishing Lake Bolac for the past 2 weeks and the fishing is as good as I have ever seen for anglers bait fishing and trolling for rainbow trout to 1.4kg.

The water clarity in the lake is improving and is up to 2.2m in depth.  There is very little to get snagged on as the weed beds are minimal and there are very few anglers.  The ramp is also fine for launching boats up to 6m.

The lake was stocked with 8000 yearlings late last year and the fish have grown quickly with most fish between 800g and 1.4kg.  The fish are in excellent condition, although they are probably not at the same size as we saw in 2011.  If you love fishing for rainbows I urge you to get there and have a fish because once word gets out it will get busy.

To give you some idea of how good the fishing is, I fished with two friends trolling yesterday and we trolled a couple of Tassie Devils and two F7 Rapalas in the perch pattern.  In 3 hours we had 30 bites and landed 20 fish.  That's pretty good fishing in anyone's book. Get there and give it a go...seriously. You mightn't have heard much about it in social media and there's good reason for that.