trout-wattleThe trout fishing in the local rivers has turned up a notch this week!

We haven't had any heavy rainfall this week despite the ongoing weather fronts that continue to push through.

The rivers are now all dropping and beginning to clear which is perfect for lure casting.

The Merri River has been the standout this week both upstream and downstream.  I got half a dozen fish last weekend up around Woodford on F7 minnows.  The biggest fish wasn't huge weighing in a 1.5kg and most of the rest were around a kilogram.  I kept a couple for the smoker and missed just as many.  The fish are mainly in the heads and tails of the pools so just systematically work these locations and cover the water until you find a fish.

The lower Merri is also producing some excellent fish this week mainly from the area around the Bromfield Street weir, but also downstream in the river cutting from the Stanley Street bridge (Levis) all the way down to the Old Woollen Mill footbridge. Apparently there was a 3kg fish caught in this area early last week so make sure you beef your leader up to 10lb fluorocarbon or more.

The Hopkins River is still running high, but should be perfect by the end of the week and the Mt Emu Creek and Hopkins River upstream from the junction is also worth a look.  This run=off fishing will only last a couple of weeks so make the most of it.  I'm heading out tomorrow so I'll keep you posted.