offshore-windsConditions this week are perfect for chasing salmon on the open beaches. The swell is dropping and the wind is in the north.

The full moon isn't far away and strong northerly winds are forecast for this weekend and early next week.

The excellent salmon fishing continues this week with the awesome winter weather.

The afternoons are looking perfect over the next few days as the high tides are in the afternoon and are ideal for chasing a salmon in the gutters on the beach.

Yambuk beach has been fishing really well for the past couple of weeks, particularly up towards the river mouth, although there are some excellent gutters close in parallel to the beach just near the main car park.

Remember just walk and cast until you find the fish and an hour either side of the tide is usually ideal. Look for the blue water in close and if its very flat and there's not much swell look for the deep gutters near the sand bank wash.

Levi's Beach in Warrnambool and the main beach at Peterborough are also fishing well this week. The Curdies River has settled down since it opened  a couple of weeks back and has moved large amounts of sand at the river mouth.