big-squidFlat seas last week gave me another shot at microjigging offshore.

I was keen to do some more exploring out in 70-100m after my success last week so I headed back out and sounded around.

The bluefin were thick on the way out on the sounder and we hooked up shortly after putting our lures in the water.

The tuna off Port Fairy are well spread from around the 65m line through to 100m of water this week.  There's plenty  there but they are only 6-8kg in weight and there are also hordes of couta with them to contend with.

We got our bag of tuna pretty quickly and then settled in on the mark to see what we could jig up with 100g koika jigs.  At first the action was pretty hot and we landed some nice red snapper and sea perch, but then the couta moved in.  That meant that despite our favourite mark being loaded with plenty of bottom fish we couldn't get a jig down.


We searched several other locations and found some good patches of red snapper, but these marks lacked the diversity that the other area had so at around 4.00pm we went back to where we started and it was on!  The couta had disappeared and the usual array of bottom fish were coming over the side with each drop until the action slowed closer to dark and the cephalopods moved in!  We picked up some solid arrowhead squid first and then the calamari turned up and they were absolute crackers.

I don't fish for squid out deep primarily, but they are often welcome bycatch.  In winter they are also usually huge and I managed one that would have weighed well over 2kg in weight.  Once again this is the advantage of using twin assist hooks.  The day progressed perfectly and the evening glass off meant that we could steam home in the dark. I can't wait for the next flat day, I'm back out there!