gillear-redfinThe fine weather continues this week and the redfin are still a good option, despite the cold water temperatures.

Redfin are now fattening up for spawning and they are still pretty aggressive even with water temperatures dropping below 10 degrees Celsius.  The number of frost mornings we have had over the past two weeks has been unusual for this time of the year.

I fished the lower Merri River again last week for a couple more big redfin to 1.5kg on soft plastics up around the willows.

Persisting with soft plastics in around 1.5m of water I managed a good bag of fish over 45cm and about half a dozen small brown and rainbow trout to about 750g.  The fish weren't really schoolled up and it was a matter of just systematically working the edge of the weedbeds with a Storm 3.5" searchbait or a Berkley t-tail plastic.

The trout were very active in the shallows, often in less than a foot of water.  Most of these fish are smashing tiny schools of smelt and are easy to spot and cast at.  Both the big and small lakes have been producing fish with the big lake the best option if you prefer trolling.  There are also plenty of redfin in the 30-35cm size class available.