red-fishesThere was a small break in the weather yesterday so I took the Seacruiser 5600SC offshore for the last time.

After 4 good years it was time to to build a new project boat so I put my boat on the market recently and sold it. Yesterday was my last chance to take it out for a fish before it is picked up by its new owner so I decided to take it for one more microjigging session.

The fish ares still thick on the bottom out in 70m, but for the first time in 8 trips I really struggled to get a bite apart from a few arrowhead squid and barracouta so I decided to head further out into 90 metres and go exploring.

I'm glad I did and I found some great new terrain loaded with fish, but the fish still proved challenging and if you caught fish on your first drift over a mark and then went back to it the fish shutdown and we were forced to spend the afternoon on the move.

We caught a typical mixed bag of fish including red snapper, pinky snapper, squid and swallowtail.  There were heaps of birds seals and dolphins in 90m depth as well and I reckon there will be barrels there for sure. Look in the water southwest of Julia Percy Island on the 80-100m line.

Once again the 100g Storm koika jigs in the DF pattern proved very effective using 3/0 twin assit hooks.  As a general guide the preffered size of the jig is 1gram per metre of depth you are fishing so 100g = 100m.