flats-breamHeavy rain and strong winds belted the coast this week.

It was probably the coldest and worst winter weather patterns we have had all year with nearly 50mm of rain falling in some southwest regions. With the catchments fully saturated the run-off has been significant with all the coastal streams running hard and discolouring the inshore bays all along the coast.

Despite the bad weather the fishing has actually gone up a notch.

I fished Yambuk early in the week and did really well on the bream as the big swells pushed green water into the estuary.  The fish were in both the clean green seawater and also in the discoloured water.  I pulled most of the fish from the seawater as there was so much debris in discoloured fresh water.

I also fished the lower Hopkins on the blue hole side (east) on Tuesday as the tide started to push in and did really well on the bream on the shallow flats. I missed a few, but landed 6 fish in an hour and with the biggest fish around 38cm.

Once again the 2" Storm hypnogrub in dark side pattern did the job fished on a 1/8 ounce jighead. With the water being discoloured the darker silhouette of this plastic really makes a difference and it doesn't hurt to dose it up with plenty of catch scent with x-factor being one of my favourites.

With the Hopkins River still rising there should be some excellent fishing downstream from the ski lane to the mouth this weekend as the bream and perch push downstream.