beach-salmonThe spring weather has been perfect for hitting the beaches over the past week.

Salmon have been in excellent numbers on all the beaches although Killarney Beach has been the standout with big schools of big fish to 3kg being caught every day for the past 10 days.

On the high tide the fish have been in the bay around the beach ramp, but if they aren't there they are usually either on the point which is about 150m up to the left towards Warrnambool on the sandy point or further around the corner to the east just before the rocky reef.

Levi's Beach at Warrnambool has also been consistent with good catches there yesterday of fish up to 2kg.  The majority of the fish are being caught on 50-65g metals.  The tides are good for the next few days and the weather is fining up for Tuesday so throw the rod in the car and head out for a quick cast!