microjigging-catchThere hasn't been many breaks in the weather, but I found one on Monday and I was straight out there.

Conditions were pretty crap on the way out with a 10-15 knot south westerly and it took nearly 1.5 hours to get to the 70 metre line due south of Julia Percy Island.  When I arrived the wind dropped and the white caps settles and conditions were actually pretty good.

The were a couple of cray boats fishing also out there dropping pots in the general area.  The fish marked up as soon as I hit the slope.  There was plenty of fish from mid water right through to the bottom and I hooked up instantaneously as the jig hit the bottom.


The sea perch were thick and angry and I would have landed 30 for the afternoon.  The nannygai or red snapper were a little more elusive than previous trips and I'm only landed about half a dozen for the trip. The other usual suspects included leather jacket, silky, pike, snapper (to around a kilogram) and swallowtails.

The barracouta are still thick out there and even though I managed 20 or so I didn't get bitten off once using 60 pound leader, although I went through a couple of pairs of assist hooks.  The water is still cold out there at 14 degrees and this is probably why they are still abundant out there.  Apparently there is very few barracouta wide from the 100m line at the moment and the water is warmer out there and this is where the better snapper and shark have been more plentiful over the past few weeks.

The 100g Storm koika jigs worked a treat again in the silver DF pattern with most of the hook ups coming on the fall of the jig. The jig was rigged with 3/0 twin assist hooks. There looks like a break in the weather this Sunday so I'm going to head wider into the 100-130m depth to look for some bigger snapper and hopefully have a gummy bash with bait.