hopkins-river-trifectaSome days you just strike it lucky!

The run off trout fishing is certainly pretty spectacular at this time of the year and with the extra 15mm of rain last week the rivers will be up and flowing for a little while yet.

The trout fishing continues to be consistent particularly in the Hopkins River both above and below the falls.

While it isn't unusual that the odd rainbow trout turns up in the lower reaches, last Wednesday I scored big time landing two good rainbows in the same session both around 1.5kg.

While I was feeling pretty good about that and also because I had caught a couple of good brown trout things continued to escalate when the big perch showed up.

It's pretty common to find big estuary perch in the freshwater this time of year and particularly under the foam below the falls.  Each year I wait for the water to drop and while fishing the runs every now and then you get a thumping surprise.  They are pretty happy to hit the F7's as well so you don't need to do anything different to what you would do when chasing trout.  The best thing about the perch is that they are usually all big at this time of year in the fresh and its pretty rare to see one under 40cm or a kilogram in weight.