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As much a I enjoy catching fish, I also enjoy eating them. There are so many ways to prepare fish for the table, so here are some of my seasonal favourites for a range of local species.

Yellowtail kingfish with tomato and olives

kingfish-with-tomato-&-bas2It's yellowtail kingfish season on the southwest coast! This is a simple and tasty dish anyone can cook which only takes around 30 minutes to prepare and is ideal for a summer meal.

It is also a great recipe that you can use with southern bluefin tuna which are also seasonally abundant along the southwest Victorian coast during the late summer and autumn months.



600g of kingfish fillet (with bones and skin removed)

3 tablespoons of olive oil

75g black olives (pipped)

1 tablespoon of capers

400g peeled tomatoes (chopped)

A bunch of chopped basil

Salt and pepper

3 tablespoons of breadcrumbs


1.  Brush an oven dish with oil

2. Add 600g of kingfish fillet cut into chunky portions and spread evenly in the dish

3. Cover with chopped tomato, olives, capers and fresh basil.

4. Sprinkle with olive oil and breadcrumbs and bake in the oven at 240 degrees C for 20-30 minutes.

Serves 4


Salsa Verde Tuna (Sicilian Tomato & Pasta Salad)

salsa-verde-2This is a another great one to try this tuna season and with the action hotting up already so early you should be able to try this one out sooner rather than later!

This recipe is adopted from Jamie Oliver's 15 Minute meals and takes only a short time to prepare.  The mint in this dish really makes it one of my favourites and it works really well together with the fish.



Pasta & tuna

300g dried pasta

8 black olives

400g ripe tomatoes

80g spinach (or rocket depending on personal preference)

4 x 150g bluefin tuna steaks

4 x jarred red peppers


1 x tsp fennel seeds

1 x fresh red chilli

20g parmesan cheese

olive oil

1 x lemon

Salsa verde (sauce)

1 x bunch mint

1 x bunch parsley

1 x lemon

2 x anchovy fillets

2 tsp capers

1 x clove garlic

4 x tsp olive oil

1 heaped tsp Dijon mustard

1 tsp white wine vinegar


1. Cook the  pasta in a large pan.

2. Rip off the top half of the mint and combine with salsa verde ingredients in a processor, add lemon juice then season to taste.

3. Squash olives and remove stones, chop the tomatoes and peppers randomly.

4. Season tuna then sear in frying pan and cook for 90 seconds each side in a pan.

5. Drain pasta, toss with half the salsa verde then place on tray or dish then put the tuna on top and spoon on the remaining salsa sauce.

6. Scatter dish with finely chopped chilli, parmesan cheese and serve with lemon wedges.

Serves 4


Albacore Pie with lemon and white sauce

albacore-piesThis is one of my favourite recipes, its simple and makes a great dinner or snack hot or cold!

It’s a great autumn recipe when there’s plenty of fresh albacore around along the southwest coast.




Chop out the bones from the fish fillet and cut into small chunks around 1 to 2 cm in width. Place to side.

To make the white sauce grab a saucepan and add 2 cups of milk and a cup of water and heat.

Stir while heating with a whisk. It is important to keep stirring as the mixture heats it will thicken this may take a few minutes.


Add a teaspoon of garlic, teaspoon of ginger, lemon zest or a squeeze of juice, a chicken stock cube and coriander to taste and some salt and pepper.

Once the mixture begins to thicken take of the heat and add albacore chunks and mix them around so that they are coated in the sauce.

Using a spoon add the mixture to the puff pastry pie base, add puff pastry and place in the preheated oven for around 20 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius or until golden brown.

Serve hot or cold. The recipe can be substituted with other fish.


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