bream-hypnogrubAfter the heavy rain and run off last week river flows have picked up.

Most of the southwest rivers are running hard and there is alot of discoloured freshwater arriving in the estuaries this week.  This has pushed the bream and estuary perch downstream and the very low reaches of all the southwest estuaries are fishing well with soft plastics.

The Hopkins and Yambuk estuaries are fishing really well, especially with the high tides which are occurring in the afternoon.  When the fresh seawater pushes into the rivers on the high tides the bream in particular just go nuts.

On Tuesday I fished Yambuk (Eumerella River) and just followed the blue water line downstream as the tide ran out and the fishing was excellent. While I hooked plenty of fish in the mouth, there were that many fish in the river channel that I foul hooked about 10 of the 30 fish I caught for the afternoon.

With the dirty water darker coloured 2-3" soft grubs were the perfect choice.  I used the 2" Storm hypno grubs with good success on a 1/12 1H TT jighead. The Blue Hole at the mouth of the Hopkins is also fishing extremely well using the same technique. There are plenty of small fish in the mix, but if you sift through them there's some 40cm fish amongst them.

Good reports are also coming from around the poles on the Glenelg at Nelson as the estuary perch move downstream to spawn in the lower reaches.