big-brownIt's been a few seasons since that monster brown trout took my glo-bug in less than two foot of water, but the take and ensuing battle is burnt into my retina forever!

I love polaroiding trout and there's nothing better than watching and stalking a fish, presenting a fly and getting a take and this is why this big fish will stick in my memory for the rest of my life.

One morning in winter 2008 I was walking the north shore of Lake Bullen Merri and I’d only seen a few small new release rainbows when I noticed a couple of larger fish moving just out of site.  I turned to ask my mate if he’d seen anything decent, when just out of the corner of my eye I caught the site of a good fish charge into the shallows in about a foot and a half of water.


Waiting patiently for a strike

It charged the glo bug from about 2 metres away and approached the flies and swirled.  I waited to strike even though I couldn’t see the fly and had thought that he’d taken it.  Then the indicator flew off at high speed and I struck and I was on.

This was a really big fish that must have known exactly where the fly was before it started its charge in.  It jumped straight up into the air and cleared the water.  It was a big brown - one of those fish that you always see  that is always too spooky or that stayed just out of reach.


Connected to a big brown trout on light gear

It was at least several minutes and half a dozen aerials before the fish finally settled down and I led it into the net.  I couldn’t believe it.  It was a huge buck brown male in perfect condition in the 4kg plus range.  The glo bug was pinned to the side of the bottom jaw and the trailing stick caddis was lodged in the base of the pectoral fin.


It's awesome when it all comes together

It's almost unbelievable when it all comes together and there is nothing better than sight fishing to a big fish in shallow crystal clear water.  I've been tying a few stick caddis and glo-bug flies in anticipation of this season as the next few months are prime time for polaroiding big fish cruising the edges in the western lakes. I'll be out chasing them over then next few weeks and I'll keep you posted.  You can read more about glo-bugging fishing in lakes at


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