SA-kingfishEver since I was very young I have enjoyed recreational fishing. After secondary school I completed a Bachelor of Aquatic Science and Natural Resource Management degree at Deakin University (Warrnambool campus) with Honours and undertook further postgraduate studies in fish biology with a focus on Macquarie perch in Lake Dartmouth and life history and biology of common Galaxias in western Victorian lakes and rivers.

This led to a career in fisheries research and education with both Fisheries Victoria and Fishcare Victoria which included higher duties in research (creels surveys and fish tagging), fisheries management, habitat & revegetation and educational projects both regionally and at a state level.

In 2006 I met Andrew Clark, Shane Hannet and the late Neil Tedesco, which I shared many adventures with all over Australia and the South Pacific. I have also worked with well known presenter Lee Rayner on a number of episodes over the past few years. You can check out some of the free Adventure Bound YouTube videos (from Blackrun Productions) on Youtube.


In recent times I have also had the opportunity to film a few shows with the Big Angry Fish TV NZ team and more locally Fishing Australia with Rob Paxevanos, AFN Fishing Show with Bill Classon and Fishing Edge with Lee Rayner.


I have contributed to a number of magazines over the past 10 years.  I am currently a regular contributor to Australian Fishing World magazine and also for AFN publications Freshwater Fishing and Sport Fishing Magazines.  I have also contributed to a number of fishing books and guides including recently published AFN and regional publications.


Currently I am casually employed in a range of capacities by DEPI Fisheries Victoria primarily as a research technician and also work as a casual at the Tackle Shack at Richardson Marine in Warrnambool, but spend most of my professional time fishing and writing as a fishing journalist. I have been lucky to have the support of many companies in the recreational fishing industry over the years and they have enhanced my opportunities to explore recreational fishing.



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